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Friday, November 23, 2012

To Be Thankful...

Thanksgiving has just passed, and since my body has decided to awaken me at 3:30 in the morning, I have nothing but my thoughts to occupy my time.  I find myself lingering on the thought of what it means to be thankful.  When I say, "I am thankful for..." does it mean I appreciate the implicit existence of such a thing?  When I say I'm thankful for someone, does it mean I'm thankful that they're alive, or that I'm thankful that they have a certain relationship with me, or is it something more?  Wikipedia tells me that thanks (gratitude) is "a feeling or attitude in acknowledgement of a benefit one has received or will receive."  Does this mean that when I say I'm thankful for someone or something, I'm implicitly claiming that I have or will receive some kind of benefit from them?  

Perhaps this particular question is seemingly too close to the concept of pure altruism, and thus impossible to answer.  However, it seems as though the acknowledgement of actions holds some value to us all.  When we do things, even if we do them with no thought of recognition, it almost certainly feels good when we are acknowledged for our work.  For if someone took the time to acknowledge your actions with gratitude, it must certainly have had some sort of positive impact on them.  And so, as I lay awake here in the early hours of the morning, I will take the time to give thanks to those who have positively impacted my life:

... to my mother, for her endless love and support that helps me push through the difficult times and truly enjoy the good times.

... to my father, for his guidance and wisdom, instilled in me so that I may use every day as an experience to better myself and press for greater heights.

... to my brother, for his understanding, taking care of his little brother while still treating me like an equal.

... to Gizmo, for being the cutest little doggy around, loving me and allowing me to smother him with my love.

... to my extended family, those who would still spoil me like a child and yet still respect me as a man.

... to my friends in Athens, Judd and Nate, who are always willing to hang out and have good times, even if I'm never there.

... to Bailey, my best friend, for always being such a great friend even when I haven't been the best in kind.

... to Jonathan, my roommate and friend, for putting up with my bullshit basically 24/7 and not doing heroine.

... to my Colorado friends, those who have shown that they care about me and offered a helping hand during difficult times, even when I haven't asked for it. 

Lastly, I am thankful simply for life.  Because of life, I am able to experience new things, to grow in myself and become a better person.  And even when life has been difficult, I would rather have things be difficult than have nothing at all. 


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